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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Jonathan George has selflessly spent his life advocating for others. He has tirelessly dedicated himself to saving the young people of the world from self-destruction, helping them overcome anxiety, depression, while also addressing teacher burnout and classroom culture in a fun and interactive way.

Jonathan George is the founder of ROCK MY CAMPUS a program for high schools and middle schools to improve classroom productivity by creating a positive and healthy learning experience. Here is Jonathan's journey to becoming the powerhouse he is today and the story of struggles and hardship that influenced him to work with young people so they can overcome the epidemic of depression, anxiety, and suicide that has increased 57% since the introduction of Social Media.

Jonathan spent his youth being relentlessly bullied because he was a beautiful, sensitive, and creative kid. Then there was the spiritual abuse. Because his father was a Pentecostal preacher, Jonathan's life revolved around the church that did not approve of who he was. The stress of being resented and “preached to” and attempts to force him into changing his identity almost led him to commit suicide. This horror was inflicted on him because he was "different". Jonathan found out at an early age that he was gay. His parents' love, support, and using Social-Emotional Learning methods saved him from a life of disappointments and perhaps no life at all.

After finishing his studies and earning a degree in music education, Jonathan left his home in Texas for the City of Angels to pursue a career in entertainment. Success followed quickly. He became Grand Champion Winner on Ed McMahon’s “Next Big Star”, and just like that, he had a record deal on the table almost immediately. He just released his first single, his music video, and was working on his album. Then he received a devastating call from the label telling him that they retracted his contract because they found out that he was gay. His team scrambled and tried to get him married and even changing his music.

When once again faced with being branded as “not good enough”, Jonathan went through a major identity crisis and gave up his dream of singing and being a performer.

He did not know it then, but the hardship he experienced inspired and propelled him to do great things for generations to come. Even though after his success on the “Next Big Star” his future as an entertainer was effectively canceled because he was a gay man, Jonathan doubled down and resisted being turned into a hollow shell of a person in conflict with his true self. It was a costly decision but one that laid down the foundations for his greatness.

For the next 20 years, Jonathan George, through his JG Entertainment company has worked relentlessly helping young talent develop authentic rockstar brands by overcoming obstacles and finding the strength to reach their pinnacle, discovering and managing their core competencies and talents along with their “imperfectness” that makes them human and relatable while reaching stardom and earning the adoration of millions. Jonathan’s clients have over 150 million online followers. While he was cruelly stopped from pursuing stardom himself, it became Jonathan's purpose to help make dreams come true for many others. No one could take that away from him!

Taking all that he's learned through his successful career in the entertainment industry, Jonathan has now made it his life’s mission to work on combating anxiety, depression, and suicide on campuses all over the United States through his ROCK MY CAMPUS program.

With mental health issues reaching critical levels in schools around the country, Jonathan is using the unique, powerful, and highly effective methods he has created to help his clients break through crisis after crisis. He teaches and nurtures with an emphasis on Social and Emotional Learning which is the focus of his work. His hyper-energetic approach, speaking the language of the new generation, makes him irresistibly relatable and his success rate is through the roof. He was able to leverage his accomplishments and became a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Social & Emotional Intelligence so that he would gain additional tools to hone his skills and abilities.

In addition to the school programs, Jonathan has also developed a Personal Branding method that is totally unique, the R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Path to Social Emotional Learning. It is based on core values and not on superficial thin-layered and outdated psychobabble. He is launching a whole new movement to help GenZ-ers and GenX-ers break through their fears, insecurities, mental health issues; the roadblocks that hold them back from becoming the rockstars they were born to be not only in the music industry but in all walks of life.

Every deed and effort Jonathan exerts is geared toward raising the vibration of our planet. He is fully tuned into advocating for people to understand their own importance in this world.

His motto: “If you aren’t stepping into your gifts powerfully, you are not only doing yourself a disservice; you are also robbing the world of blessings."


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