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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Do you have strong opinions about subjects concerning the health of our school system?
Do you have ideas and solutions?
How are you dealing with problems at your institution?

If you are involved in education, you are aware of the serious problems ailing the classrooms that are getting worse and require intervention.

Bullying, fights, depression, anxiety, and severe emotional problems were up 58% percent in the student population since the introduction of social media and that was BEFORE Covid. According to the CDC, suspected suicide attempts among students jumped 51%, and some report that 95% of students are dealing with serious emotional issues.

Teachers are exhausted and need help managing this chaotic environment.

Rock My Campus CEO and Founder, Jonathan George is working on a series of podcasts regarding issues ailing our schools throughout the nation. We are looking for EXPERTS who are involved with middle school and high school education. If you are a teacher, principal, activities director, counselor, student body advisor, member of a parent advisory committee, concerned parent, or activist student, you are an EXPERT. Your experience and opinion are invaluable. We want your input!

ROCK MY CAMPUS is hosting podcasts in a discussion format with two opposing opinions on the following subjects:

1. Instability and division between educators and students

How to deal with mistrust and aggression

2. Parent involvement and influence

How can educators and parents work together

3. What can be done about teacher stress and burnout

Combatting teacher exodus from the profession

4. Role of Teachers Union to help teachers with mental health issues

Is enough being done and how can they help more

5. Promoting inclusiveness, empathy, and celebrating differences

Do you support neurodiversity methods?

6. Combatting bullying and fights

What is the cause of the sudden rise in aggression?

7. How to counter the negative influence of social media

Maintaining a strong self-image, self-confidence, & building resiliency

We welcome suggestions for other topics for feature podcasts.

Jonathan George is an award-winning entertainer, former educator, and rockstar maker, with 43K followers on Instagram. He spent 20 years coaching young talent in the music industry and his clients have over 150 million online followers.

Jonathan is using the unique, powerful, and highly effective system he has created to help students and educators breakthrough crisis after crisis. His emphasis is on Social and Emotional Learning combined with his unique R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. method that promotes strong character and values. Jonathan is fully dedicated to making a difference in the education system. He is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Social & Emotional Intelligence.

Write to us at

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