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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Saving the education system from self-destruction one school at a time by ROCKING campuses and exorcising the evils of depression, anxiety, fights from the classrooms, and combatting teacher burnout and a massive exodus from education.

SHYLLA WEBB and JONATHAN GEORGE are two rockstars that are taking high schools by storm with a NEW and unique approach to Social-Emotional Learning; the R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. method through their ROCK MY CAMPUS initiative.

These trained and dedicated specialists are fully committed to turning around the uncontrolled bullying, depression, anxiety, fighting, and suicidal thoughts which have gone up a staggering 57% since the introduction of social media and are cancer on the education system which is ill-equipped to deal with these overwhelming issues of our time.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and there is demonstrated and confirmed proof of Shylla and Jonathan’s success, the latest being Encore High School in Hesperia, CA.

The campus just outside of Los Angeles was badly in need of some serious help. ROCK MY CAMPUS was called in because educators were not able to deal with the out-of-control fights – seven (7) in five weeks when normally there are about four (4) per year and the emotional issues plaguing both students and teachers. They will be benefiting from a year-long massive strategically designed intervention and were blown away by what the Webb/George dynamic duo was able to accomplish in just two days.

After an extensive survey of the issues, the team confirmed what they already knew; the outdated Social Emotional Learning programs used by most institutions are not helping either the students or the teachers. Shylla and Jonathan worked with the entire staff and empowered them to remember WHY they choose to be educators in the first place and suggested the implementation of the tried and true R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. method to confront the daily challenges they were dealing with.

Then they worked with the students so they'd understand their core values and find strength in them while overcoming their weaknesses. Together they created Impact Statements and goals for the next year.

Mission accomplished while they were having fun in an informal but structured and interactive setting. This is the power and genius


Shylla Webb holds an M.S. in Special Education, a B.E.S. in Education, and a certificate in Early Childhood Education and has been an educator for 22 years. She spent the majority of her career working with students with Emotional Behavioral Disorders (EBD) AND Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and also served in leadership roles in Multi-tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). After 23 years as an educational professional, Shylla set out on a journey to provide educators with tools of wellbeing, a healthy mental state, effective classroom management, and a mechanism to cope with a stressful and overwhelming system.

Jonathan George traded in his Bachelor of Music Education and teaching career to become a singer and was Grand Champion on Ed McMahon’s “Next Big Star”. Because he was gay, however, his career was cut short, and had to give up singing. He spent 20 years coaching young people to become rockstars by being authentic. As CEO of Unleash Your Rockstar he built and developed personal bands for some of the biggest young Hollywood stars and influencers with over 150 million online followers. Jonathan has found his calling and wants to be where he is needed most; helping kids become high-achievers and reach their potential as rockstars in life. He is a Master Practitioner in Social-Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


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