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KINDNESS 🤘 #4 Building Block of the R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Path to Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Kindness is essential part of the R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Path to Social Emotional Learning by Rock My Campus

R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Educator


R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Students

Our purpose is to cultivate R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. educators and students by breaking through overwhelm, burnout, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts with our R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. method of experiential Social Emotional Learning.


Table of Contents:


Pillars of The R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Path to Social Emotional Learning

The eight building blocks of R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. by Rock My Campus

*It is important to understand that the success of each building block fully depends on the cultivation of the other pillars.



Kindness is having empathy and compassion for self and others marked by acts of generosity, consideration, or concern without expecting praise or reward.


Kindness is proven to boost happiness, well-being and is even linked to physical health benefits. Schools that practice kindness daily show reduced risk-taking behaviors, conflict, bullying, and mental health issues.

In light of statistics showing a 58% increase in mental health issues among youth, acts of generosity are the best antidote to decreasing these statistics as it increases happiness for all.

Why kindness is so important in teaching the R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Path to Social Emotional Learning by Rock My Campus

First, kindness must start within each of us. Showing self-compassion is key to wellbeing and mental health because it helps us be balanced and happy. It also allows us to be more impactful when being compassionate toward others.

Research shows that showing kindness to others creates endorphins in your brain as well as the recipients. This improves everyone's health and state of being. Ultimately, when we are happy then we can show up powerfully in life.

To succeed in life and function at our best, we all need to be supported. During a time of need, pain, struggle, or a bad day, an act of kindness can be what helps us get through difficult times.


Build Your Own Authentic Personal Band with Rock My Campus SEL

Your personal brand is YOU! It is everything that makes you who you are and how others experience you.

Out of all the building blocks, nothing will leave a greater impression on someone else than kindness. People will never forget how you make them feel. It is amazing how people will forgive your shortcomings when you show them empathy and compassion.

More importantly, showing kindness to yourself promotes your overall well-being and happiness, so you can show up more powerfully for others. Since your personal brand depends heavily on how you make others feel, kindness will definitely leave an emotional aftertaste that people will want to savor again and again.

Shylla Webb and Jonathan George of Rock My Campus teache a special bland of Social Emotional Learning and building personal bands

Having kindness as part of your brand leaves a lasting emotional impression

After 20 years of creating celebrity personal brands using social and emotional intelligence as the foundation, Jonathan George joined forces with Shylla Webb to create one of the most innovative deliveries of SEL. Jonathan has built the brands for some of the biggest young names in Hollywood who have over 150 million online followers. Shylla is a 23-year

education veteran and SEL creative.

These two techniques together forge a unique and ground-breaking formula that is a game-changer in the effectiveness of social and emotional learning in education.


How to develop kindness with Social Emotional Learning by Rock My Campus

Despite being innate to us on some level, kindness is positively explosive when we fully grasp and deliver its different components with intention.

The following are the essential elements of practicing kindness:

  • Creating an impact statement that defines how you want to rock kindness

  • Defining how you want others to feel when they come in contact with you

  • Applying the principle of treating others as you would want to be treated

  • Establishing, maintaining, and repairing relationships based on empathy

  • Exercising kindness toward ourselves to reduce stress

  • Learning to give and accept kindness unconditionally


We believe that kindness fosters well-being. We also believe that learning and implementing compassion should be exciting and experiential. That is why, in our Rock My Campus Professional Development Rockshops and Student Rockshops, we approach kindness in a fun and interactive way. We dive deep into:

Free Tools on implementing kindness in Social Emotional Learning by Rock My Campus
  • Forgiveness - allow room for error

  • Patience - accept or endure delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset

  • Nurturing - extend care towards others as well as yourself

  • Empathy - put yourself in the other person’s shoes

  • Acceptance - act without bias

  • Serving - provide and care for those in need

  • Receiving - allow others to be kind to you and be gracious and thankful for it

  • Judgment - be unbiased and fair

We have created a fun activity for your students that brings awareness and intention to the many ways they show and receive kindness on a daily basis.

Here's our Daily Kindness Challenge worksheet to help keep you on track and cenmenting kindness in your daily life :

Overcome anxiety and depression through SEL


Our mission is to inspire, empower, and equip educators with the Social Emotional Learning tools they need to not only help themselves but also confidently

lead students through the current mental health crisis.

We effectively achieve evidence-based and experiential SEL through our eight pillar R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. method, which creates quick and powerful results.

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