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OWNERSHIP 🤘 #2 Building Block of the ROCKSTAR Path to Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Ownership is an important element of Social Emotional Learning taught by Rock My Campus

R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Educators


R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Students

Our purpose is to cultivate R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. educators and students by breaking through overwhelm, burnout, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts with our R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. method of experiential Social Emotional Learning (SEL).



Table of Contents:


Pillars of The R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Path to Social Emotional Learning

Rock My Campus - Eight Pillars of the R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Path to SEL

*It is important to understand that the success of each building block fully depends on the cultivation of the other pillars.



Ownership is acknowledging, accepting, and taking control of all of you - strengths, weaknesses, behaviors, actions, fears, traumas, emotions, and past.


Ownership puts you in charge of your life. Only when you jump in the driver's seat can you take control of the direction of your existence. Not only does it bring healing, but it also builds self-confidence and creates great leaders. In turn, it fosters collaboration, trust, healthy relationships, and conflict resolution.

In addition, successful people embrace exactly which attributes contribute to their success, which ones still need to be developed, and which ones they need to avoid.

Let’s dive deeper:

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Owning your strengths will instantly boost your confidence. Walking boldly in those strengths will quickly lead to growth, strong relationships, and success.

  • Owning your weaknesses is equally important for your confidence and growth. Trying to hide your flaws leads to insecurity, fear, and causes others not to like or trust you.

Actions, Behaviors, and Consequences

  • Acknowledging that all actions have consequences, you are able to see the role your behaviors play in any situation.

  • Understanding that you own the results of your behavior will change your paradigm regarding how you act and how you react to any situation.

Fear, Trauma, Pain, and Emotions

  • Acknowledging and accepting life’s events allows a quicker resolve in your healing.

  • Understanding that pain is pain and that suffering is a choice, you can choose how to respond to the trauma.

  • Owning the pain takes the power away from the source of that pain, which creates confidence, purpose, and impact.


Your personal brand is YOU! It is everything that makes you who you are and how others experience you.

Here's the thing, most people never experience the real YOU because it's buried behind insecurities, fears, traumas, anxiety, overwhelm, and lack of self-awareness and self-development. With strong self-awareness, you will be able to cultivate and define your own brand and control how others see and respond to you.

You can only powerfully control your personal brand by acknowledging and owning everything about yourself- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

No blaming, no finger-pointing, no avoiding responsibility, but also no denying all the amazing things about yourself. It takes a great deal of vulnerability and strength to be honest with yourself and to show it all to the world. The reward is that it creates trust and draws people to you. You will be able to control your own destiny.

Shylla Webb and Jonathan George of Rock My Campus teach Social Emotional Learning rockshops

After 20 years of creating celebrity personal brands using social and emotional intelligence as the foundation, Jonathan George joined forces with Shylla Webb to create one of the most innovative deliveries of SEL. Jonathan has built the brands for some of the biggest young names in Hollywood who have over 150 million online followers. Shylla is a 23-year education veteran and SEL creative.

The techniques of personal branding and the R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R method of Social Emotional learning together forge a unique and ground-breaking formula that is a game-changer in the effectiveness of social and emotional learning in education.


Taking ownership is not a basic human trait. To take control of your life, either as an educator or a student, it is essential that you develop self-awareness, vulnerability, and responsibility.

Without training and guidance, our natural responses range from confusion, anger, insecurity, and fear to the inability to relate to our own state of mind and the unwillingness to accept responsibility for our own actions. That stumps self-betterment and prevents us from evolving into our personal best.

Here are our four building blocks to help you own all of you:

How to develop ownership of you with Social Emotional Learning by Rock My Campus


  • Discover your character strengths and how they help you to maneuver powerfully through issues

  • Identify your weaknesses and fully embrace them while using your strengths to overcome them

  • Understand what causes you to behave or react in a certain way and what changes need to be made

  • Name your fears, traumas, pains, and emotions so that you can begin to tame them


  • Identify the problem

  • Identify your part in the problem

  • Identify how your choices and actions affect you

  • Identify how your choices and actions affect others

  • Identify what control did/do you have


  • Admit and embrace all of you- the good, the bad, the ugly

  • Realize that you are perfectly imperfect

  • Know that accepting doesn’t mean that you stay the same

  • Choose to own rather than be owned by our past circumstances


  • Designate someone you trust to keep you on track

*A professional should work with trauma patients to help them work through their circumstances. However, these tools are very beneficial to help with common, day-to-day issues.


We believe taking ownership of your actions is the key to a happy and healthy culture on campus for educators and students. We also know that making the learning process fun and experiential creates better results. That is why, in our Rock My Campus Professional Development Rockshops and Student Rockshops, we approach ownership in a fun and interactive way.

Free Tools to implement ownership with Social Emotional Learning by Rock My Campus

We dive deep into:

  • Emotions

  • Emotional Response Systems

  • Critical Problem Solving

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Reticular Activating System - RAS

  • Stress Response Cycle

  • Breathing

  • Phases of Mindset

  • Communication Protocols

We have created a Problem-Solving (Taking Ownership) Worksheet that is super powerful!
Break through anxiety and depression through SEL


Our mission is to inspire, empower, and equip educators with the Social Emotional Learning tools they need to not only help themselves but also confidently

lead students through the current mental health crisis.

We effectively achieve evidence-based and experiential SEL through our eight pillar R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. method, which creates quick and powerful results.


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